Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Small Things That Make Me Happy.

Small Things That Make Me Happy

The thing that people most often complain about me is that I am too negative. It is true that I am a pessimist and fairly cynical but if everyone was ultra positive then we would live in a world that resembled an evangelical church. I can promise you that this wouldn't be a good thing. Trust me. To prove my 'haters' wrong I will point out a few small things that make me happy on a fairly regular basis.

#1 - snacks.

I am a very health conscience person who exercises regularly and tries to eat healthily. However, whilst I make sure my body is getting all the good stuff it needs (fruit, veg etc) I do also keep it supplied with a reasonable amount of junk food because it's good for the soul. I do a food shop every day and I always make sure I indulge myself in something. My favourite pieces of junk include Crunchie bars, Milky bars, Wotsits, Pringles, Wine Gums, Fruit Pastilles, jam doughnuts and squidgy cookies. Listing these makes me happy.

#2 - old couples that still like each other.

It's far too easy to be cynical about love. I used to know someone that insisted 'people are biologically engineered to only be happy together for a maximum of seven years'. I'm not sure where he got this 'evidence' from but when you see an old couple that clearly have been together for decades and still love each other then you realise it really does work out sometimes. Then again, maybe they only met last week. 

#3 - eccentric people.

You know those crazy people that stand in the middle of a street with a large placard shouting that you need to save your souls now because the apocalypse is coming next Tuesday? Well, I don't agree with a fucking thing they say but I do enjoy their eccentricity. I'm self confessed people watcher. Another favourite includes the cross dresser who squeezes himself into women's clothes four sizes too small for him, adorns himself in jewellery, wears a large black wig but makes no attempt to shave the obvious beard that covers his prominent chin.

#4 - pretending you're a musical icon.

Whether it's in the shower, your room or the kitchen I think most of us have moments where our inner rockstar comes bursting forth. I have a singing voice that I imagine to be similar to Boris Johnson's but that doesn't stop me pacing around my room and belting out songs to my imagined crowd of thousands of adoring fans. Even more cringe-worthy is my attempts to emulate my favourite rappers. Lets leave it at that.

#5 - random acts of kindness. 

You know that episode of 'Friends' where Phoebe tries to complete a selfless act of kindness because she realises that her previous acts of kindness have been selfish for making her happy? Well, I think it's okay to try selfish acts of kindness. If helping that woman carry her pram up those stairs makes you feel happier then go for it. It's better than being a twat.