Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Resolve Meets List.

Resolve Meets List

Yesterday I began to tackle my PGCE Easter 'holiday' work list starting with the MA assignment. My plan is to have it completed by Thursday night so I can break up with it, move on and find someone new. It's not a healthy relationship.  I only managed 1000 words last night so I will need to do 2000 today, I always tell myself the first 1000 is the most difficult anyway. 

When I got up today I looked at my clock and saw 09:00. I consider this a waste of an hour of my day because I usually like to get up around 08:00 (I'm very much a morning person). I went to the gym but only managed a pretty pathetic workout because I was still aching from yesterday. 

The reason I probably got up an hour late is because I had a nightmare involving some bearded man pulling out my teeth one by one. The typical 'losing your teeth' dream is supposed to be something to do with anxiety so I'm not sure why I don't have that dream most nights. 

The only recurring dream I do have is a nice one. It starts off being in a shopping centre where everything is old fashioned. I go up to the top floor and find an old junk shop. When I go in it's full of all the things I loved when I was a child. This includes children's books, Sega Megadrive games, the first albums I owned and favourite video tapes. Last time I had this dream I remember finding a game called 'Toki Going Ape Spit' that I loved when I was a kid. 

In this game you are a monkey who goes around spitting balls of energy at other creatures. They REALLY don't make games like they used to. Anyway, back to my impossible amount of work. Pity the teacher.


  1. I didn't think you liked the martyrdom of teachers?