Monday, 2 January 2017

10 GOOD Things About 2016.

10 GOOD Things About 2016 (Not Ordered By Importance).

It would be easy to hate on 2016. I mean; Trump became president despite being disliked by every human I personally know, we were (as a guy from 'Muslims Like Us' put it) knocked out of the Euros by Iceland and voted out of Europe by people who shop at Iceland and we lost so many celebrities that there was an actual campaign to save Betty White from 2016. But an entire year can't be all bad, right? I've racked my brains (and Google) to find 10 positive things that happened in the year 2016. 

10) We finally got another female Prime Minister. She may be a Conservative and she may be Theresa May but still, about time! I know I'm pointing out the blindingly obvious but it is pretty shocking that women make up half our population yet we are only just seeing our second female leader. Perhaps a step in the right direction for gender equality.

9) Gove didn't become Prime Minister and anyone who has worked in Education breathed a huge sigh of relief.

8) Costa Rica ran almost entirely on renewable energy in 2016. A positive sign for the future of the world. If they can do it then perhaps other countries will follow. Importantly, it simply shows that it can be done.

7) Las Vegas city government is now completely powered by renewable energy. When you think of all those bright lights it is probably the last place you would imagine to be shining the light (terrible pun) for renewable energy in the Unites States, but it is! 

6) The unity of large parts of society AGAINST the intolerance and prejudice of Trump/Brexit. Despite the polls it was also obvious that there were huge amounts of people disgusted with the xenophobia showed in the presidential race and the leave campaign. Even in defeat it is important to take note of all the people fighting the good fight. 

5) Lots of developing countries are pledging support for renewable energy. Not just the aforementioned Costa Rica. Other countries such as Uruguay, Tanzania and Kenya have also pledged to help protect the future of our planet.  

4) Leicester City won the Premier League. Probably the most incredible underdog story I have witnessed since becoming a football fan. It was nice to see that the richest clubs don't always get to call the shots. 

3) Great Britain did amazingly at the Olympics. Maybe I shouldn't go all patriotic after talking about unity between countries but I do tend to reserve most my patriotism purely for sporting events which I like to think is a fairly safe release. A smaller nation doing so well at such a huge event hints at very positive investments being made in sport and fitness which is only a good thing for the future. 

2) Leo got an Oscar. Before 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio was just a poor multi-millionaire comforted only by his huge wealth, multiple homes and string of beautiful girlfriends. Now we can stop feeling sorry for him because he has a shiny trophy as well. 

1) Betty White survived!