Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Things Guys Post On Girls Pictures.

Top Three Things Guys Like To Post On Girls Pictures.

Picture the scene. An average looking girl has posted a picture of herself on Facebook with maybe a subtle hint of cleavage. Here are the four things guys will then post on her picture and the potential reasons as to why they do it. 

#1 - The over exaggerated arse lick. 

Example - 'Wow, you are seriously one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.'

Frighteningly, this is one of the most common comments you will see on a picture a girl has uploaded of herself. I tend to believe that rather than actually expressing his surprise and seeing the most beautiful girl he has ever seen the guy is generally giving a desperate plea for attention. He hopes that by giving an exaggerated comment that borders on the hysterical the girl in question will then reward him with something back. Unfortunately for these poor men the most they will usually get in response is a simple, 'awww, thanks babe'. 

#2 - The sarcastic quip. 

Example - 'You look well ugly in this lol.'

This, of course, is a classic example of reverse psychology. The bloke is hoping that by telling the girl the opposite of what she wants to hear he will get a response and he often will. The girl will sometimes comment back something along the lines of 'Stop being so nasty :('. This then opens the door for the flirty banter he was so desperately seeking. I personally enjoy it when one of the arse licking guys mentioned previously doesn't get the joke and writes something in response such as 'don't listen to him, you look stunning'. It makes you feel a bit sick. 

#3 - The crude compliment. 

Example - 'Your tits look amazing.'

Well, at least the guy is showing a bit more honesty with these comments and saying what he really thinks. However, it will only succeed in getting him any attention if the girl has particularly low self-esteem. They will get the odd response of, 'cheeky bugger', but it's not really going to get them anywhere. 

In conclusion, there are very few lessons to be learned from this study. I simply thought there was a lot of stuff on the internet making fun of girls who post revealing pictures of themselves but not enough making fun of the pathetic comments guys constantly write on said pictures. It slightly worries me that z-list celebrities posting a picture on twitter of themselves in a bikini constantly makes it to the front page of news sites.

This was recently the basis for an article on the 'Daily Mail' news site. No, I'm not sure how either.