Thursday, 12 April 2012

Solar Powered Women.

Solar Powered Women

Last night I dreamt I was on placement. I was being observed for a lesson but when I stood up in front of the children I realised I had no lesson plan and no resources. Therefore, I had to improvise a maths lesson on the spot. It was terrible. I am quite used to teaching taking over most my life but dreaming about lesson observations seems a little excessive. 

I am probably thinking about it a lot because I allowed myself to go home to Wales and relax for a few days with the family. Now I am back in Northampton I  started the day by tidying the flat and my room (both were a complete mess). Once I had completed this a couple of hours ago I allowed myself to address the workload and was horrified to discover it was still there. Not only that, I have also almost run out of holiday. Seriously, where does the time go?!?!?!?!?
I have smugly completed the word count of my MA essay though so not all is lost. 

On a side note, I once heard Jeremy Clarkson say something about beautiful women being solar powered because they only work in the sun. The recent sunny spats have definitely proved this to be true. People really do look so much better when the sun comes out and they put their summer clothes on. I went into town today when the weather was nice and experienced love at first sight 5 or 6 times with various visions in bright dresses. I did notice the usual group of Goth's in the centre of the high street still managed to clad themselves entirely in thick layers of black though, bless them.

 Thank God for sunny weather hey?

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