Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Reflections.

Sunday Reflections

It is Sunday night and I'm looking at the usual mountain of work. I managed to waste a few hours today looking for a button. A button broke off my favourite pair of trousers so I went into town to find a replacement. After looking in about ten different shops I gave up. None of them sold big buttons. Furthermore, every time I asked someone "do you sell buttons?" I kind of felt they were looking at me as if I was insane. I have had to resort to the internet and will have a few hundred buttons arriving through my post in the next couple of days. The insanity of it all. 

This week at University we have to all create a presentation on outdoor learning. It's such a tiny part of our huge workload that I think everyone is viewing it as a sort of annoying fly they want to bat out the way. Getting us to do a group presentation when we have multiple other things due in before we go on placement just seems a little...silly to me but so do many things.

It is coming towards the end of my time at university. I have been at Northampton University for approaching five years which is my entire adult life so it will be the end of an era. I am already starting to don my rose tinted spectacles and realising how much I will miss it and miss the people I have met. There have been many interesting memories from this strange little town.

The best years of it all were those during my Creative Writing degree. Throughout my entire degree I never found the work a chore (apart from Romanticism) because reading and writing fiction is my passion. It was often like indulging myself in a hobby rather than doing work. I think there was only about eight people doing the single honours course at the end but they were such an eclectic mix that seminars were always interesting. 

When your on PGCE it's a bit different because you don't really have the time to lead the 'typical' student lifestyle any more but before this year I was definitely living that archetypal lifestyle. Being surrounded by lots of other young people and having lots of time on your hands is bound to end in alcohol fuelled adventures (which it definitely did). Of course, there were those that spent the three years just being stressed about it. I tried to avoid them. 


  1. Life after University is strange. Everything costs this bizarre thing called money and catching a mystical entity called Employment takes up every waking hour.

    1. i think everything costs money at uni too!

    2. Indeed it does, bless the power of the Student Loan and all the grants she brings.