Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The First Day.

The First Day

Today is a day of organisation. I was stupid enough to not realise that my two week Easter holiday had started until late on Sunday night. Because of this, yesterday was spent in shock that I didn't have to get up and go to school or Uni. Instead, I did nothing. Actually, I did go into Uni to hand in some library books, argue about my £20 library fine and hand in a piece of evidence that I survived my last placement. After that I just spent the day thinking 'God, what do I do first?' It didn't help that checking Facebook showed the girls on my course to be motoring through the workload like mice through cheese. 

So today, I woke up and decided 'I better start somewhere.' The first thing I did was go to the gym to focus my mind. I have started a new routine of high weights, low weights, high weights, low weights etc with almost no breaks before doing some resistance work on my shoulders and finishing off with some cardio and abs work. This routine was pretty much given to me by a complete stranger at the gym but everything aches so it must be working. 

Now, I am making a detailed to-do list. Some view this as another form of procrastination but I am somebody who definitely needs a list to function. The main things on my list are writing an MA assignment, completing my subject folders and working out how to get something called a 'job'. The MA assignment is 5000 words of skin peeling boredom that my only hope of passing is getting one of my lovely peers to proof read before hand-in and tell me everything wrong with it. The folders involve fairly simple work, but A LOT of fairly simple work. The job...well...schools are closed at the moment for Easter holidays so that is more of a case of just getting my head around the bloody process. 

This introduction might make me seem stupid and/or unorganised. Both statements are true. I'll make my list, I'll start working through it, I'll think I cant do it, I'll probably do it.        


  1. you sounds like a cool and interesting guy, maybe we can be friends...
    p.s. i corrected that spelling mistake you saw btw.