Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Things I Hate About Trains.

Things I Hate About Trains

You have probably all spent hours of your life wondering and worrying what I hate about trains. Well,

#1 - People who don't give up their seat for pensioners, disabled people and/or pregnant women. 

If you are a young healthy person sitting down in a seat and somebody is stood next to you who fits the above description and is obviously going to have difficulty standing then you should clearly give up your seat for them right? Well, you would think so. However, some degenerates instead decide that they got there first and a silly little thing called compassion is not going to get them to move. I even once saw somebody post a Facebook status saying 'definitely not moving my bag to let some old biddy sit down'. Lovely. 

#2 - The eater.

You are moving towards your destination in relative peace and comfort. Suddenly, somebody sits next to you and opens their bag of McDonald's. They have decided to get a large meal with a McFlurry and an extra cheese burger (student card?). They proceed to eat the entire meal with their mouths wide open and smacking their lips on every bite. The phone rings, will that pause them from eating? Of course not! They are able to slowly munch through the entire meal whilst shouting down the phone to their Auntie about the new Vodafone deal they should be getting. If you have seen someone shout and eat at the same time you will know well it creates an aromatic spray of food debris. 

#3 - Bad music.

People on trains who decide everyone else in the carriage deserves to listen to their music ALWAYS have the worst taste in music. I'm talking Scooter, DJ Sammy, My Chemical Romance, R-Kelly and various other atrocities. If you are going to listen to terrible music you should be embarrassed about it enough to listen to it quietly in your room where nobody else can hear as I do when I listen to Cher Lloyd songs. 

#4 - Not knowing where to look.

You are on train so crammed that if you look in any direction you are staring at somebody. You forgot to bring a book and your phone is on low battery. Time to contemplate your feet for the next two hours.

Enjoy your travels. 

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