Monday, 7 May 2012

The Working Weekend.

The Working Weekend

This bank holiday weekend I have been working hard. No, really. I had a huge mountain of work that has only seemed potentially manageable this past hour. My relief from work has consisted of the gym. I had a long session on Saturday and another on Sunday. Unusually for me, these were both with friends. I usually go to the gym by myself but I have found recently that going with someone actually makes me work a lot harder. I can feel the benefits of these sessions today because for the first time in a while I have that wonderful ache that shows you have been working hard. 

The other thing that makes working hard bearable is nice food. I always have a collection of snacks available for these sit-ins. Currently in my cupboard are Wispa bars, vanilla doughnuts,  crisps, Muller corners, Scotch pancakes and Braeburn apples (the best). You have to give yourself these little pleasures or realising that you have a backlog of work that is close to being impossible on the time-scale you have left would probably drive you a little insane. Keeping a sense of humour and reminding yourself of your own inadequacy in the Universe also helps. 

When I went to the gym on Sunday with my friend Ollie we did decline bench presses. I have never done these before. It involves putting the front of the bench on some sort of step so when you bench press (dumbbells in our case) your legs are higher than your head. It is more difficult than a traditional bench press and is supposedly good for your lower chest. On my first attempt at doing this I let myself slide down so my head was dangling over the end of the bench. I dropped the weights and tried to sit up but couldn't. After asking Ollie to help me up he tried pushing my shoulders which resulted in my sliding up the bench but still unable to sit up. I ended up just having to roll off like an awkward fish. Needless to say, I looked a bit of a twat. 

I have spent a lot of my time this weekend sat on the exact same spot of my living room floor. I have my laptop in front of me, my printer/scanner to one side and I am surrounded by various folders and bits of paper. You can't help but reflect on things a bit when you are stuck in the same place by yourself for a while. When I look back on University I largely think 'there were a lot of good times' and 'why did I spend so much of it wearing shit clothes'?

Not always as bad as Noel though.

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