Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hodgson's Choice.

Hodgson's Choice and the Angry Masses

Hodgson has made his decision about the team going to Euro 2016 and it has mostly been met with:


This is because people tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive when it comes to English football. This attitude of 'we're completely doomed' is something you see before pretty much every single tournament we are involved in and something that separates England from many other countries in regards to support for the national team. It's no wonder that English players seem to have such lower confidence compared to other players when performing on a big stage. 

Before you get the pitchforks ready, I do completely agree with the general masses that Drinkwater should have been picked over the likes of Wilshere or Henderson. I mean, he is in incredible form and Wilshere is inconsistent at the best of times.  

However, there are also some positive inclusions. I'm really pleased that Rashford has been chosen. He is a player of genuine quality and his pace and eye for goal could make a real impact (as long as he doesn't just sit on the bench). Also, with an average age of 25, it is the youngest team to ever represent England at the European championships! This makes such a nice change from the same old, tired teams we have seen in recent years. Anyone else trying to ignore the fact that they're now older than the average England player? Plus, at least Delph was prevented from being picked (sorry Delph). 

In conclusion, when my fragile enthusiasm is inevitably proved to be horribly misplaced, at least we have a manager with a face capable of creating many a high-quality meme.   


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