Monday, 6 June 2016

Daily Mail Allows Extreme Islamophobia During Ramadan.

Daily Mail Allows Extreme Islamophobia During Ramadan.

I was genuinely quite amazed when I read this article from Katie Hopkins in the Daily Mail today. It is usually quite easy to ignore anything she says because she is too much of an idiotic caricature to take seriously. However, when an article starts with something as offensive and inflammatory as,

''Tis the season of bombers and Uber drivers who haven't eaten for 20 hours - welcome to the Midsummer madness of Ramadan',

it suddenly becomes quite difficult to just scroll past without stopping to marvel at the sheer level of prejudice being presented by a highly paid columnist for something that claims to be a reputable newspaper. 

She later tries to cover her obvious hatred of Muslims by pretending that she is writing from the viewpoint of somebody who is concerned about health and safety during fasting. However, this does not explain her need to refer to Muslims as 'bombers and Uber drivers' as well as all the other language that has been carefully chosen with the obvious intention of being as hurtful and derogatory as possible towards the 2.7 million people (approx) who are fasting during Ramadan in the United Kingdom. In a twist stranger than the ending of 'The Sixth Sense', she finishes the article by saying that she is only criticised for what she says due to unfair prejudice. Yeah, i don't get it either. 

In conclusion, The Daily Mail should be held fully accountable for the decision to allow such extreme Islamophobia during Ramadan. Inexcusable. 


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