Friday, 23 October 2015

Anti Bullying Video.

Anti Bullying Video

This video  is currently doing the rounds on the internet as one of the latest anti bullying videos to go viral. It shows two girls (actresses) pretending to bully a girl and then the positive reactions of the bystanders around her who step in to defend the victimin various ways. My favourite one is the guy who whips out a harmonica and starts playing it to cheer her up because...yeah, why not. 

This video reminds of the 'What Would You Do' series that you can find easily on Youtube. In this series, situations showing bullying and/or discrimination are set up to see how members of the public will react. In almost every situation at least one person will stand up to the person causing the nastiness. These types of videos are powerful because they show clearly the positive impact of standing up for someone being treated badly. It is a positive way of looking at the problem, it shows that there are plenty of good people in the world and gives you that, 'my faith is restored in humanity', feeling. 

It is also an example of the victim and/or hero of a situation being given more attention than the perpatrator. Another example of this is the image of Lavin Eskandar, the boy who stood up to an armed man in Sweden, going viral. Taking attention away from the peretrator seeking infamy is one positive reaction we can have towards tragic situations. Hopefully, the mainstream media will catch on and follow suit. 


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