Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 Things Some Men Do To 'Out Man' Each Other.

10 things some men do to 'out man' each other

#1 - Boast about how rare they like their steak.

#2 - Order the hottest curry on the menu and pretend to enjoy it.

#3 - Make as many disparaging comparisons between rugby and football as they can anytime either sport is mentioned.

#4 - Insist they love dogs but hate cats.

#5 - Detail what they would do if somebody broke into their house.

#6 - Tone down their posh accent.

#7 - Boast how quickly they could grow a beard 'if they wanted to'. 

#8 - Refuse to admit liking any alcoholic beverages that women are commonly known to enjoy. 

#9 -  Claim their childhood karate lessons have left them ready for combat.

#10 - Talk about 'that fight' they had in high school.

Any I missed?


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