Sunday, 4 May 2014

Things I've Learnt About Other Drivers.

Things I've Learnt Since Passing My Driving Test

I'm relatively new to driving having only passed my test fairly recently. However, there are a few things I have noticed about other drivers on the roads of Great Britain...

#1 - Everything they say about white van drivers is true.

Before passing my test I thought that white van drivers had an unfair reputation. They can't really all be that bad...can they? Yes, they can. The most common thing I've noticed about them is pulling out in front of you at the last minute before proceeding to drive 10mph under the speed limit. They look of hate they give you when you finally get passed them tells me the feeling is very mutual though. 

#2 - Ice cream van drivers are even worse. 

Don't let the cheery music and frozen treats fool you; these guys (usually blokes) are terrifying. Their driving just tends to be so bloody erratic. This is probably largely due to last minute decisions about where they can go to get the most business. They drive similarly to white van drivers except with added stopping and starting at random intervals. 

#3 - Most drivers are fairly polite. 

I have noticed a lot of camaraderie on the roads. People will often let you through if they know you are going to be stuck there for a while and 90% of people will thank you if you do the same for them. If only you got the same treatment from fellow pedestrians! From what I've observed, it does help if you happen to be a beautiful woman though. 

#4 -  Other drivers are good entertainment. 

I've always been a keen people watcher and I've seen it all from other drivers when waiting at traffic lights. From kids pulling funny faces at you to a morbidly obese, middle-aged bloke doing an impassioned solo performance of 'Let it go'. It's all fun and games until you make awkward eye contact with then and find yourself having to stare dead ahead instead. 

#5 - Women are better drivers than men. 

Without a doubt, most terrible drivers I've encountered are men. Discuss. 

Scourge of the roads and deliverer of tasty treats.

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