Saturday, 10 May 2014

Are UKIP As Awful As Everyone Says They Are?

Are UKIP As Awful As Everyone Says They Are?

One of the latest trends on Facebook is to bash UKIP and, in particular, their leader Nigel Farage. Do they deserve it? Well, in a word, yes. I noticed recently that some UKIP posters have turned up in Northampton, where I live. One of them looks like this.

Now, I find that fairly offensive. It is the kind of propaganda you expect see from the likes of the BNP going for the prejudiced idiot vote. The current difficulty of finding work in this country is a huge issue. However, things like this, that place the blame on immigrants, do nothing but create intolerance and help prevent the rich and powerful who run the country from being accountable for Britain's economic problems.    

There is also the fact that a UKIP council candidate tweeted a comment describing Islam as 'evil'. Another council candidate stated that Lenny Henry should emigrate to a 'black country'. Clearly, these people are also prejudiced idiots and shouldn't have anything to do with the running of our country. 

There is one problem with people jumping on the bandwagon of criticising UKIP. It gives other crooked parties the opportunity to make themselves look more reputable by making a show of opposing the unfavourable views themselves. David Cameron has previously accused UKIP members of being 'closet racists'. Aren't you fighting the good cause Mr Cameron? This is the same man who heads a conservative party that allowed vans to patrol the streets telling immigrants to go home. Also, it's not that long ago that posters like this were seen on the streets (graffiti optional).

So, in conclusion, please feel free to jump on the bandwagon of bashing UKIP and Nigel Farage but remember to remind yourself what other parties and politicians are doing as well. Don't let them use your anger for their benefit. 

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