Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Least Popular Opinions.

Some Of My Least Popular Opinions

There are certain things that everyone seems to agree on. People can even get annoyed if you convey contrary opinions to these things. Here are a few of my opinions that have made people gasp with disbelief when shared among my peers. 

#1 - I think 'Finding Nemo' is the most overrated Disney film ever. 

I agree that 'Lion King' is a masterpiece. I agree that the emotional sequence in 'Up' is amazing. However, I don't see why so many people put 'Finding Nemo' in their top Disney films list. It has no emotional pull whatsoever and it's not funny. Furthermore, I can't stand the character of 'Dory'. When I tell people this they always insist on quoting her to prove me wrong. This only cements my opinion. 


#2 - I don't like any Will Ferrell film (that I can think of). 

Yep, this shocks people more than the 'Finding Nemo' thing. This includes 'Anchorman' and 'Step Brothers', both of which I find pretty bad. It's not to say I don't like Will Ferrell because I have seen sketches and interviews in which I think he comes across as quite amusing. How movies however, I just don't think any of them are very funny. 

#3 - I don't think Freddie Mercury was an amazing songwriter. 

You know when a Queen song comes on in a pub or a bar and people start singing every line with a look that shows they think they are practically quoting Shakespeare? Am I the only one cringing? Thought so. I do like the fact he's called Freddie though.

#4 - I quite like big money football transfers. 

Normally, I hate the worship of money but for some reason I do enjoy following the ridiculous amounts of money spent in the transfer windows. Maybe this is just so I can be contrary to the people who insist on lecturing you about how 'football is only about the money these days' when they find out you like football. Almost as boring as people who go on about how 'football is for wimps, real men watch rugby'.

#5 - My favourite 'Fruit Pastilles', 'Wine Gums' and 'Jelly Babies' are the orange ones. 

People think I'm being generous when I let them have all the purple or red ones. Little do they know... 

Who else has an unpopular opinion?


  1. You didn't like Stranger Than Fiction? Though judging by your dislike of Finding Nemo, I could understand why you might not like Elf. These are the only two Will Ferrell movies I enjoy.

    The reason The Lion King is so great is because it's based on Hamlet.

    Unpopular opinion? Hmm...I don't think there is anything wrong with potatoes and pasta being in soup together.

    1. Haha, that opinion might be more odd than unpopular?