Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dougie Freedman joins Bolton Wanderers.

Dougie Freedman joins Bolton Wanderers

So, Dougie Freedman has become our new manager. This worries me. Freedman is a young up-and-coming manager who has had one good season. The last time we had one of those it was Owen Coyle and look how that bloody turned out. At this stage Bolton need consistency and there were other more tried and tested managers available who could have provided that. Then again, the good thing about having a young and exciting manager is that it can sometimes provide an immediate boost to a team who need something fresh. This happened when Coyle first came into charge. The problem is, as seen with Coyle, that this can often fade away fairly quickly and you are left with the same old problems.

Freedman has a big task on his shoulders. Bolton are not playing well at the moment (applause for captain obvious). I think the main problem is our defence. When you have a central defender like Zat Knight regularly making it into the first team you know you have serious problems. In fact, a way that Freedman could make an immediate positive impact would be to keep that complete liability on the subs bench for as long as possible. Simple as that. However, even with knight on the bench he still needs to improve a defence who are about as good at keeping a solid formation as a trifle strapped to the back of an angry Donkey. There is also the fact that Kevin Davies (as much as I love the guy) needs to start being replaced by Sordell or even Ngog at the helm of attack more regularly. I won't criticise Davies because he still works his battered old legs off in almost every match. They are old legs though.  

Also, why do I keep seeing neutral fans criticise us for getting rid of Coyle and treating him badly? He wasn't a very good manager, no but's or if's, he just wasn't very good. Furthermore, he had more time and support than most managers I see struggling nowadays.  

If you're wondering why I support Bolton Wanderers, it's because I come from a small town so don't have a local team. All the kids at my school supported Manchester United or Liverpool so when my Mum bought me the 1998 Premier League sticker album I decided to pick a team nobody else I knew supported. Maybe it's a shit reason but at least I didn't just pick the same team as the other kids, right?

Where the magic started people!

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