Thursday, 11 October 2012

3 Signs You're Too Addicted to Video Games.

3 Signs You're Too Addicted to Video Games

#1 - You're Facebook page contains more status updates and pictures about video games than it does about real life. 

Most of us (including me) have done the odd status update to apologise for the humiliating defeat we had on Fifa or uploaded a picture of whatever game we are currently playing. However, for some people these gaming updates and screen shots seem to be the only semblance of life you get from their Facebook page. Obviously, Facebook isn't the be all and end all but when someone has uploaded 50 pictures from Call of Duty yet there isn't a single picture of them in a social setting you can't help but think 'this guy doesn't get out much'. Furthermore, you also get people who will never put a status update mentioning something they have done in the real world but will continually give you oddly specific updates about what they have been doing in a game such as 'currently playing the 360 version of Skyrim after clocking up 300 hours on the PS3 version, has anyone noticed the grass is a slightly different shade of green?'. The answer to that is, no, I hadn't.   

#2 - Your thumbs are the most exercised part of your body. 

Is the rise in popularity of gaming contributing to the rise in childhood obesity? Yeah, probably, but then again so is a load of other stuff. Most people I know that I would consider too addicted to gaming have the skin tone of a Twilight-esque vampire and a body similar to something that goes gooey when you toast it over a bonfire. However, I don't doubt for a second that they would completely kick my arse in a thumb war. This has probably been the case since the N64 came out where to work one of their controllers you needed three thumbs that were each about six inches long and contained bones made out of steel. Unless you own a Nintendo Wii in which case you probably just have a good old-fashioned case of tennis elbow. 

#3 - Your virtual aspirations have overtaken your real aspirations.

You know that South Park episode where the boys are desperately trying to defeat that player on World of Warcraft to the point they basically dedicate their entire lives to the cause? This was the guy they were trying so hard to defeat. 

As usual, South Park was making a pretty good point. 

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