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Revisiting Overplayed 'Kerrang' Videos From My Teens.

Revisiting Overplayed Kerrang Videos From My Teens

When I was a teenager I spent HOURS (as many others did) just obsessively watching music videos. My channel of choice was 'Kerrang' because, as I have mentioned previously, I only wore clothes that looked liked this: 

When thinking back to these times, there were certain videos that I remember getting a ridiculous amount of airtime. They seemed to get played a few times a day for literally years on end. Here's my thoughts on a few I remember.

#1 - By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

The video mostly consists of Anthony Kiedis being stuck in a taxi driven by a crazy fan. It is a good example of the light-hearted humour you used to see in their music videos. The taxi driver reminds me of many other quirky/goofy characters of the era (think officer Doofy in Scary Movie).

Nostalgia moment: the strange dance in the tunnel.

My rating now: 6/10.

#2 - Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Bowling For Soup.

This actually holds up very well. The video is mostly a spoof of other rock music videos of the time that took themselves a bit too seriously. A generous amount of time is spent taking the piss out of Staind who were of the 'we're tough but tender' brand of rock stars. 

Nostalgia moment: the picture of a fluffy dog.

My rating now: 8/10

#3 - Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus. 

It seems as if it is another spoof, this time of the classic high school movie where the nerdy guy wins over the beautiful girl. However, Wikipedia tells me that the music video is mostly made of up of an actual movie called 'Loser'. This is okay though because it fits the song pretty much perfectly.

Nostalgia moment: the guy with the shakers.

My rating now: 7/10.

#4 - Chop Suey! - System Of A Down. 

The only non-comedy video on this list. It's about as typical as a rock music video can be; sweaty, bearded men playing rock music to an audience of pale people who are occasionally topless. Still, the rammed in crowd, huge drum kit and harsh lighting fit the intensity of the song well. 

Nostalgia moment: when he literally eats chop suey. 

My rating now: 6/10. 

#5 - Tribute - Tenacious D.

When you talk about overplayed 'Kerrang' videos, this has to have been the most overplayed when I was watching. Literally multiple times everyday for years. It's actually a great video but watching it so many times as a teen was equivalent to the millionth time 'Little Britain' showed you David Walliams screeching "I'm a lady" or Catherine Tate quipped "Am I bothered though?" and still expected you to find it funny. But yeah, great video anyway. 

Nostalgia moment: when Dave Grohl oinks. 

My rating now: 9/10. 

There are many more overplayed music videos I remember, which ones did I miss out?     

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