Sunday, 12 October 2014

Notes To My Teenage Self.

Notes To My Teenage Self

#1 - That album you record when you're 15 is diabolically awful. Keep a copy for banter though.

#2 - Just because long hair suited Kurt Cobain it definitely doesn't mean it suits you.

#3 - The goth phase is just a phase. 

#4 - Jack still puts up with you sometimes for some reason.

#5 - You're not very good at handling a litre of Tesco value vodka.

#6 - The aforementioned Tesco value vodka my cause some minor indiscretions.

#7 - You eventually learn to value your health and fitness.

#8 - Stop buying baggy jeans and unfunny slogan t-shirts. It's not a good look.

#9 - The amount of hassle you give your teachers will become wonderfully ironic in a few years.

#10 - You're right about Welshpool but you're wrong about the rest of the world.

#11 - I'm afraid you become the type of Guardian reading liberal that you like to mock. 

#12 - You actually learn to get on with your siblings, even Theo! 

#13 - Copious amounts of Lynx doesn't count as a wash.

#14 - Every experience, good and bad, is a story to tell.

#15 - All things get better eventually. 

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