Thursday, 31 July 2014

Orlando punches Bieber.

Orlando Bloom punches Justin Bieber

If you're one of the few people that hasn't watched the video of this then you can watch it here.

In possibly one of the greatest moves of his career, Orlando Bloom decided to punch Justin Bieber, therefore becoming one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood. This is due to the fact that Bieber is probably one of the most mocked and largely disliked celebrities in the Western world today. Admittedly, Orlando may have upset a few million 'Beliebers' but who wants them anyway?

The fight supposedly occurred after some sort of dispute over Miranda Kerr.
Well, she seems a pretty good reason for a fight so I wont begrudge either man for their decisions.

Orlando can now enjoy millions of men now considering him a bit of a lad as well as the huge number of memes that will probably now be made to commemorate the occasion.  

As for Bieber? Well, his fans will probably feel sorry for him whilst the rest of the world just uses it as yet another excuse to unscrupulously take the piss out of him. However, he is a twenty year old multi-millionaire with a string of beautiful women so I'm sure he will get over whatever a few keyboard warriors have to say about him. 

All in all, don't piss off an Elf. 

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