Friday, 21 February 2014

Judging Websites Based On Their Internet Communities.

Judging Websites Based On Their Internet Communities 

I have noticed that websites where people communicate in some way often differ drastically in the types of people they seem to attract. Here are a few things I've noticed. 

#1 - - attention seekers.

The comments on reddit links tend to be increasingly desperate attempts to leave the funniest comment. Even if it is a link about some sort of serious issue the smart-arsery in the comment section will very quickly become apparent. The long chains of people replying to each others comments will often be a diatribe of witty comments. This is how I imagine these people to look whilst they do it.

#2 - - racists. 

For those of you who don't know worldstarhiphop, it mostly seems to be a video library of street fights caught on video. The comments to these videos become particularly horrific when showing a fight between people of different race. Users will instantly start hurling racial slurs at each other, each convinced of their own prejudice. Awful. 

#3 - - bitter old men. 

One thing I've noticed about people that comment on Daily Mail articles is that they really hate the United Kingdom nowadays. Whenever the Daily Mail posts some vile article aimed at making immigrants of poor people look like the anti-christ you will immediately get hundreds of comments claiming that, 'Britain didn't used to be like this!'. If you sent these idiots back to the 'good old days' they might learn that immigrants and poor people existed then too. 

#4 - - procrastinators. 

If I really waste a good amount of time on a website it is usually on Youtube. I'll start off watching something relevant to my work or interests then before I know it I'm watching a video entitled 'CHINESE MAN SQUEEZES WORLDS BIGGEST SPOT!'. What really shows me that the Youtube community are procrastinators though is that they will argue over ANYTHING, no matter how tedious. Regardless of what the argument started over it will usually eventually digress into petty snipes at someones grammar or promises of violence.   

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  1. Tumblr: "Wait? Are you a white male who is comfortable with his sexuality? You are? GET OUT! We don't need your kind here! Go back to the Patriarchy!"