Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Bubble That Looks Like The Virgin Mary.

The Bubble That Looks Like The Virgin Mary

I read a lot of news articles on the internet. The two main news sites that I use on a daily basis are The Guardian and The Daily Mail. Why The Daily Mail? Well, despite largely being a crock of shit I like to see both liberal and right wing takes on current affairs (and their sports news is often quite good). I really am used to seeing quite stupid stories on The Daily Mail Website...but then I saw this one. 

Daily Mail Bubble Story.

Yep, a bubble that looks like the Virgin Mary. 

The first thing you will notice (as I noticed) is that the bubble looks absolutely fucking nothing like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. I mean, is it just me or is that not even close? Seriously. I guess there is a very vague outline but basically if I took a few pictures of some bubbles I reckon at least one would look as much like the Virgin Mary as this one does. 

I would like to say this was on the tail-end of the website but it was quite high up and it was one of the stories that had a bold headline and a big picture to try and grab the readers attention. How bloody slow can a news day be? 

Can you find me an even more pointless news story? To be honest, I know you probably can. 

 The offending picture.

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