Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Royal Baby

The Royal Baby

There seem to be two reactions on Facebook to the news that the royal baby has been born. I would reference Twitter instead of Facebook but I'm not cool enough to use it properly. 

First type of reaction - 'OMG, CAN'T BELIEVE THE ROYAL BABY HAS BEEN BORN! Literally the most exciting news I have heard in ages!'

Second type of reaction - 'I don't give a shit about the royal baby being born. Why is everyone so worked up about it?'

Both reactions show the somewhat scary amount of relevance that the royal family still seems to have in our culture. Whether you love it, hate it or loudly insist you aren't interested in it, you are still helping to push the huge media circus that it has created. Just by writing this blog post I am also entering myself into the fray so I won't pretend to have no interest in it. 

It's hard to express an opinion on a baby because, well, it's a harmless baby. It is sure to become some sort of iconic symbol for our nation regardless of the opinion people have on the future prince.  

Because of this, I can only really bring myself to judge the parents. I guess I'm vaguely anti-royal because it seems a little unfair that we basically pay for these people to be born into immense wealth and then idolize them for it. However, I can't help but like Will because I've always thought in his various media appearances he has always come across as a genuinely nice bloke. Kate on the other hand seems to be as a sort of beautiful mannequin who stands around being nice to look at but doesn't show any semblance of a personality. 

Anyway, David Icke says that really they're all just gigantic lizards...

Is he crazy? Decide for yourself.

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