Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Debunking Reasons to Hate Andy Murray.

Reasons to Hate Andy Murray Debunked

I was really happy to see Andy Murray win the US Open the other day. He has been one of my favourite British athletes for quite a while and it is just good to finally see a Brit win a grand slam! However, not everybody seemed to share my enthusiasm. I have noticed that Murray is an athlete who really polarizes opinion. One of the main ways I have noticed is through people posting Facebook status updates criticising him and expressing various negative opinions about his character. These people usually give ridiculous reasons for disliking him that I will now attempt to debunk. 

1st Reason - 'He hates the English and doesn't consider himself British.'

Well, he did once claim that he was going to support anybody except England in the world cup but anyone with a mild understanding of sarcasm would know that this was probably a joke. Furthermore, even if it wasn't a joke I personally couldn't care less whether he was going to support England in the world cup or not. Scotland and England have had a bit of a footballing rivalry forever so saying he would support any team except England is the kind of harmless banter that I would expect from pretty much any Scottish person (or English person if it was vice versa). It is obvious from interviews and reactions I have seen from him that although Murray is proud to be Scottish (and why not?) he does genuinely care about the fact he is representing Britain. Even if he didn't care I would still support him as a British athlete anyway.

2nd Reason - 'He is too grumpy and/or doesn't have a personality.'

One of the things I like about Andy Murray is that asides from the fact he is an amazing tennis player he actually seems like a genuinely ordinary guy. He doesn't have the slick charm of a more popular tennis player like Roger Federer but that is exactly the reason I like him more. In order for him to please the people who refuse to support him for being grumpy and boring it seems he would have to smile for the cameras, showboat for the crowd and say all the cheesy things in interviews that you expect sports people to say that make people think, 'wow, what an inspirational guy'. Well, he probably isn't smiling because he's in the middle of a professional tennis match. The reason he doesn't showboat is because he isn't a cocky twat and he doesn't say what you want because he might feel being the best British tennis player in decades should be enough to impress you. 

3rd Reason - 'He is overrated and has a negative style of play.'

I really like Andy Murray’s style of play because I feel he changes the pace of a match more than most other tennis players whilst using tactics that make you wonder what he's going to do next. Also, he isn't really overrated because he has one gold medal and one grand slam title more than you.     



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